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vwestwood's Journal

Vivienne Westwood fans
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vwestwood - a community for fans of Vivienne Westwood, one of the most popular fashion designers of today. She is well known for modern punk and new wave fashions, along with making clothing that have historical factors in them but are still modernized. There is more information about her on the VW wikipedia page and at her official website.

Feel free to post information, articles, questions, scans, photographs, recent purchases, sales, auctions, etc., as long as they are Vivienne Westwood related.



01* No drama.

02* Stay on topic. Anything that isn't related to Vivienne Westwood will be deleted.

03* Please place large images inside a lj-cut. If you don't know what a lj-cut is, or how to do one, click here.

04* No spam or community promotions.


Questions, problems with the community, etc. go to the moderators: icecreamcity and tokyofro.


Where to buy VW online:
Style Drops
Boheme Clothing