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Vivienne Westwood fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
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VW Knuckleduster Ring for Sale! [23 Oct 2014|04:11pm]

Hello everyone,

Following up on my last post to this blog, I am now seeking to sell a VW Knuckleduster Ring. Long story short, I bought an extra one by accident from a different seller, and after doing some test-wears, one of the rings fit me better than the other (despite being the same size..I think it is due to the different creation, since most costume rings from VW are often created differently and not uniformly). I am trying not to resort to eBay to sell the ring yet and want to see if any of you would be interested in purchasing this ring. I am giving this post a week from now for any response.

Size: Small
(Disclaimer: I am a female with small hands, so I say personally that this ring may fit better for someone with Size Medium fingers for either gender. Please refer to the sizing chart on the VW website.)

Asking price: $160 USD but can be negotiated. Payment will be made via Paypal. Please message me privately for S/H price. Also, this is a FINAL sale. I will not be accepting any returns!

Description: Comes with the VW bag and care instructions card. Only been worn for trying on. In very good condition.


I did the best I can to zoom in to show the 925 imprint inside the ring. It's a bit blurry, so sorry about that.(As seen below here, at the inside of the first ring)


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VW Knuckleduster Ring...fake or not? [17 Oct 2014|10:31pm]
Hello! I am questioning the design of the Knuckleduster Ring I bought (the second one, I got by accident from Amazon.com...). Can any of you please verify if either one (or both) are real or fake? I am struggling to tell which is which only because I noticed this designing of sizes, overall look, and stamps varies from the recent Knuckleduster Ring this year. I find that apparently the costume jewellery are often made differently, so it might not always be the same? So far the only tiny details i can mention is that the one with the warped angles (more stacked together, on the right side) has 3 tiny stamps that says "JSB", "925" and some weird letters I cannot make out and the one with the clearer orb design (left one) has "925" inscribed in the ring but nothing more. Sorry about the quality of the photos, this is the best I can get for the closer views.

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Fake or not? [22 Nov 2013|06:55pm]
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Vivienne Westwood Nine West Punk Skirt size L $60 [08 Jan 2013|10:38am]

Vivienne Westwood Grey Nine West Plaid Collaboration Skirt L sizeCollapse )
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for sale: Westwood clothing/shoes/accessories - 12 items [29 Jun 2012|05:44pm]

Vivienne Westwood clothing, shoes, & accessoriesCollapse )
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Hervia in legal trouble with VW ltd, not shipping web orders. [21 Jan 2012|11:30am]

As many of you guys are experiencing, Hervia is have problems shipping orders (mine included).

After doing a little digging, and talking to some friends who live in the Manchester area near the brick and mortar stores, I think I know what is happening.

For the tl;dr crowd:
Vivienne Westwood ltd got into a lawsuit with Hervia last summer after an attempt to cancel their 60 year contract early, Hervia fought back to keep the contract citing breach of agreement. If Hervia loses, the contract will be canceled at the end of this month, January. Hervia knew as of Sept 2011 that there was a possibility they would lose the lawsuit and not get restocked for their orders. They continued with business as usual despite this fact. (source)

A couple weeks ago, the brick and mortar Hervia/VW stores in the UK started having fire sales of their stock, not just the end of season stock, but this includes regularly stocked non-seasonal gold label items like the pirate boots and animal toe pumps that almost never go on sale. Web orders stopped shipping out, and customer service stopped responding to emails.

While there is no information online regarding the possibility of Hervia store closures or any followups to the initial lawsuit news articles announcing who won, the activities at Hervia seem to be evidence that things aren't going in their favor. My assumption is that the staff no longer is providing customer service (which was crap to begin with tbh), as the contract most likely will end in a week, causing them to have short timers syndrome before they lose their jobs.

As Hervia.com is failing to respond to any emails, customers are taking to public forums to demand answers. Dozens of people are calling them out on their twitter and facebook page, but instead of taking the time to respond to each person's questions, they've instead taken the time to delete the comments. Now customers are starting threads angrily questioning the state of the company in their facebook photo galleries, hoping to get any response and spread awareness before the next wave of deletions.

However, despite Hervia not lifting a finger, it seems Vivienne Westwood's main company is taking some responsibility and has been providing refunds out of their own pocket. (source).

I also have an order stuck in 'processing', so I'm hoping that emailing VW's customer service department will provide some more answers. If you haven't received your orders, and are looking for refunds, I would suggest doing the same.

More sources regarding the lawsuit:
Source 1
Source 2

[update 1/24]
Hervia has deleted their store's official facebook page. :/

And I have not yet gotten a response from either Hervia or VW regarding my order. This blows.

[update 2 - 1/25]
I emailed again, threatening to do a charge back if I don't receive any answers by Monday, and within 15 minutes I got a reply from the main Vivienne Westwood customer service department, who basically just said they would forward my email to Hervia's commercial department.

No progress what so ever.
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authentic or not? ;) [19 Aug 2011|12:20pm]


An anon commented on my last entry in this comm yesterday, she isn't a member on livejournal but wondered if 2 of her VW items are authentic. I said I will assist her and now I'm making this entry. Can you help maybe?
she told me following: Both things I bought from one person, a fan of Westwood. She told me that gloves she bought on ebay, but shirt she bought in London.

shirt and glovesCollapse )

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blazer lowered price- i don't wanna sell it on ebay xD [14 Aug 2011|10:44am]

Read more...Collapse )
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Selling/Trade [09 Aug 2011|11:04pm]

 I want to sell/trade Westwood/Melissa's - haggling accepted. Pickup possible in Boston, MA, USA.
Items for Sale/Trade:
1) Vivienne Westwood Black Wax Seal Lady Dragon in Red Size 8 Eur 39, recommended half size up US 8.5/9 or Eur 40. $103 shipped
Comes with tags and box, worn twice but cleaned and immaculate condition.
2) US size 7 Melissa Winged sandals in the black marble colour for white marble ones US size 7 or 8. Worn once for a few hours but looks brand new.

Feedback: cammychan.livejournal.com/48094.html
Proof Pics Trade/SellCollapse )
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VW real Heart jacket as seen on nana [19 May 2011|07:35pm]

snipsnipCollapse )

Read more...Collapse )
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Vivienne Westwood Jewelry for Sale [23 Jan 2011|10:53pm]


Two pieces of jewelry/accessory for sale.
Check it out!Collapse )
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For sale: Nine West x VW flats + Medicine Orb wallet [19 Oct 2010|10:31pm]

photos/prices under cutCollapse )
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Silver Knuckle Duster M SALE [08 Feb 2010|03:51pm]

Authentic Vivienne Westwood Silver Knuckle Duster is back on sale! 
REDUCED to only $200-- Three new dresses are up for sale as well: 
Vera Wang Babydoll, London Times Origami, Betsey Johnson-esque

Happy biddings!
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Westwood boots for sale [10 Jan 2010|06:12pm]

I have some great boots for sale under the cut. Would prefer to sell within the UK due to the fact they will be fairly heavy to post. Bargain price!


Vivienne Westwood bootsCollapse )
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DS: Anglomania Monday Dress (SOLD) [08 Jan 2010|12:32am]


Vivienne Westwood (Anglomania)
Monday Dress

gingham checked monday dressCollapse )
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Vivienne Westwood Anglo Size S Shirt [05 Jan 2010|07:41pm]


Anglomania Top Size S

Pictures Behind the cutCollapse )
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DS or Best offer: Vivienne Westwood Monday dress [28 Dec 2009|09:54pm]

Read more...Collapse )
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Selling Diamante Heart Ring Pink sz S [23 Dec 2009|11:49am]

Please excuse the flash!Collapse )
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Selling Gold orb necklace. [21 Dec 2009|05:26pm]

Brand new in box!Collapse )Yeah sorry for that.Collapse )
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Pirate boots [18 Dec 2009|10:40am]

I have a question~~~!Do anybody know where i can buy the pirate boots grey suede with brown stripes??
like hers http://s11.bdbphotos.com/images/orig/w/2/w228xkw62d7hwh22.jpg

i want them soo badly because in hervia.com they only have it with white stripes. . .
Hope you can help me T_____T!!! because i want them as my christmas present *-*
Thank you!
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